Top Hotel Amenities that Attract Business Travellers

Businesspersons are one of the most traveling people. New ventures, business collaborations with different entities, business conferences, meeting with eminent personalities, and other similar requirements lead to frequent travel to different places. Having a tight schedule and demanding program, the entrepreneurs always prefer hygienic hotels, with a soothing ambiance and healthy food. Besides other amenities that would offer a pleasant, comfortable, and serene stay. The location of the hotel will also matter in the case of business travelers. As they would like to be at a well-connected location.

Therefore, they choose business hotels in Thrissur, or in any other location, after a thorough evaluation only. Making it evident that attracting and satisfying a business traveler is not easy. We have designed our hotel after a detailed evaluation of the requirements of business travelers. Accordingly, White Palace has all the world-class amenities for the executive class entrepreneurs to relax and remain focused on their purpose of visit.

1.     Taxi for Commutation

The entrepreneurs might need a taxi for visiting different places or traveling to the meeting/ conference/ seminar venue. The hotel must be able to provide reliable and trustworthy cabs.

2.     Free Wi-Fi

The Internet has become popular and every mobile service provider offers unlimited data. Consequently, the charm of “free Wi-Fi” has reduced phenomenally. Still, the availability of a high-speed WiFi network would be favorable to get more business travelers. They might be having online meetings or video conferences during the stay as well. The mobile data may not support such a heavy load. The WiFi available in the hotel will be a blessing during such situations.

3.     High-class Toiletries

Toiletries are a commonly available amenity in business hotels as well as other class hotels. A business hotel is expected to provide good quality toiletries of renowned brands. It will simply indicate the grade of the hotel. Needless to say, the towels, bedsheets, and other reusable items must be clean enough. The items with stain marks are a definite NO.

4.     Fitness Centre

Not only business travelers but also others look for a fitness center in the hotel they stay in.  Individuals nowadays prefer to work out daily. A gym would amplify the value of the hotel. Elegant business hotel like White Palace has a multi-gym for the guests to maintain their health while staying in the hotel.

5.     Complimentary Breakfast

It would be a good idea to offer a complimentary breakfast. The business travelers would be traveling to a particular place several times. The free buffet breakfast option would be a factor that will attract them to a particular hotel. More than saving money, it helps in reducing consumption during ordering an ala-carte breakfast. Think of including complimentary breakfast in your offers.

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6.     Parking Space

The business hotel must have adequate parking space for the guests to park their cars. Insufficient parking would be a big turndown. It can impact the hotel’s reputation and turn away many clients. Any hotel planning to become an eminent one in the locality should allocate sufficient parking space.    

7.     In-house Multi-cuisine Restaurant

An in-house restaurant with a variety of cuisines on the menu would be a prominent attraction. The quality of food and taste also matters. Choose an experienced chef and give the customer excellently prepared food items for them to fix the hotel for stay every time they visit the city.     

8.     Housekeeping

The hygiene of the hotel is of paramount importance. The cleaning and housekeeping staff must be prompt and must have a supervisor to ensure that rooms and common areas are maintained clean. Moreover, daily room cleaning is mandatory.

9.     Conference Room

It would be beneficial if the hotel can facilitate a conference room for the entrepreneurs to convene meetings and discussions. Installation of projector facilities also would be advantageous.

10.   Airport Drop-off

Arrange airport drop-off if the guest seeks. They may be busy with business requirements. Hence, the hotel staff must be proactive and arrange the cab accordingly.

The Conclusion

Hotel amenities, as well as, the hospitality of the staff are vital for attracting business travelers. The staff must understand the busy schedule of the businesspersons and respond to their requests swiftly.  Facilitating mobile check-in might be an additional option that the hotels can look into. It will help in avoiding time delays in the hotel checking in. Having many activities planned for the day, the entrepreneurs may become impatient if the checking in takes too much time.

White Palace understands the packed schedule of entrepreneurs.  We know how invaluable each second is. Our executive staff has been trained to extend unparalleled hospitality and service to our guests. Additionally, we have all the world-class amenities, palatable food items, and a hygienic atmosphere to make the stay memorable.  

Welcome to White Palace. Stay in an excellent ambiance offered by the hotel; make the most of your trip while we take care of your calm and pleasant stay. Contact us now to book a room.