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Top 5 Interesting Things To Do in Thrissur

The cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur, houses several attractions that have been luring domestic and international tourists. One of the few places in the state that still holds to the heritage, it offers a unique flavour and fragrance. We welcome you to this mesmerizing piece of land to immerse yourself in the serene realm of life.

1.     Sakthan Thampuran Palace

This palace with the elegance of heritage is built blending Kerala’s architectural style with Dutch creativity. It had been the seat of Sakthan Thampuran, the ruler of the Cochin dynasty. The visit to the palace would be informative as well as nostalgic.  Sakthan Thampuran palace registers a good number of visitor footprints, which include history enthusiasts. The palace was converted into a museum in early 2000. It is located at Chembukkavu in Thrissur.

2.     Chavakkad Beach

Kerala is caressed by the soothing waves of the Arabian Sea. The land of sun, sand and sea; the visit to the state will be incomplete without a trip to the beach and wetting your feet. The beach is located close to Guruvayur temple, another attraction Thrissur is famous for. Therefore, you can cover both places on a single trip.  Spend an evening at the Chavakkad beach and dip yourself in the soulful sound of the waves. To introspect, revive your thoughts, and explore your inner-self.

3.     Marottichal Waterfalls

Located about 15-20 km away from the city, Marottichal waterfalls has been one of the main attractions. A visit to this calm and green territory will eliminate all your stress and tensions. It will fill your heart with joy and peace. Choose this location, away from the cacophony of the city, to rejuvenate yourself.

4.     Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

The epitome of Kerala Vastu-style construction, proclaiming the rich heritage of the state, Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple should not be missed. The breathtaking beauty of the murals, intricate carvings, and epic design is beyond words. It also has many historical facts and mythological references associated. The visit to the temple located near Thekkinkad Maidan will remain in your memory for a long time.

5.     Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours

Kerala is one of the brightest examples of unity in diversity. You will find communities living in harmony, as one. The Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours is stated to be the biggest church in the country. Sprawling over a large area, the basilica is a prime example of brilliant medieval architecture.  Spend some beautiful moments of your life in the pure atmosphere of the basilica. Let the serenity around cleanse your heart, to imbibe the beauty of life.

Even though we have highlighted the top 5 things to do or the best 5 places to visit in Thrissur, it is not all. Thrissur offers you a plethora of spots to visit and enjoy your trip to the city. The other attractions in Thrissur include Punnathur Aanakkotta, Guruvayur Temple, Athirapally Waterfalls, Paramekkavu Bhagavathy Temple, Snehatheeram Beach, Kerala Kalamandalam, Zoo, Kerala Museum and so on. The place has so many specialities that will fill your heart with happiness.

The Bottom Line

Kerala has been witnessing an increasing number of tourists every year. The state’s welcoming attitude, the peaceful life and beautiful locales have been the main factors that augmented tourist footfalls. Thrissur remains one of the top opted places by foreign and domestic travellers. The place offers a perfect amalgamation of the beauty of culture and heritage with the amenities of modern life.

Thrissur is well-connected with the other parts of the state and country via rail, road and air. Thrissur railway station is the ideal stop if you are coming by train. The nearest international airport is Cochin International Airport, which is around 50 km from the city. The friendly and warmhearted natives will compel you to return to the city the next time.

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