Top Hotel Amenities that Attract Business Travellers

Businesspersons are one of the most traveling people. New ventures, business collaborations with different entities, business conferences, meeting with eminent personalities, and other similar requirements lead to frequent travel to different places. Having a tight schedule and demanding program, the entrepreneurs always prefer hygienic hotels, with a soothing ambiance and healthy food. Besides other amenities that would offer a pleasant, comfortable, and serene stay. The location of the hotel will also matter in the case of business travelers. As they would like to be at a well-connected location.

Therefore, they choose business hotels in Thrissur, or in any other location, after a thorough evaluation only. Making it evident that attracting and satisfying a business traveler is not easy. We have designed our hotel after a detailed evaluation of the requirements of business travelers. Accordingly, White Palace has all the world-class amenities for the executive class entrepreneurs to relax and remain focused on their purpose of visit.

1.     Taxi for Commutation

The entrepreneurs might need a taxi for visiting different places or traveling to the meeting/ conference/ seminar venue. The hotel must be able to provide reliable and trustworthy cabs.

2.     Free Wi-Fi

The Internet has become popular and every mobile service provider offers unlimited data. Consequently, the charm of “free Wi-Fi” has reduced phenomenally. Still, the availability of a high-speed WiFi network would be favorable to get more business travelers. They might be having online meetings or video conferences during the stay as well. The mobile data may not support such a heavy load. The WiFi available in the hotel will be a blessing during such situations.

3.     High-class Toiletries

Toiletries are a commonly available amenity in business hotels as well as other class hotels. A business hotel is expected to provide good quality toiletries of renowned brands. It will simply indicate the grade of the hotel. Needless to say, the towels, bedsheets, and other reusable items must be clean enough. The items with stain marks are a definite NO.

4.     Complimentary Breakfast

It would be a good idea to offer a complimentary breakfast. The business travelers would be traveling to a particular place several times. The free buffet breakfast option would be a factor that will attract them to a particular hotel. More than saving money, it helps in reducing consumption during ordering an ala-carte breakfast. Think of including complimentary breakfast in your offers.

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5.     Parking Space

The business hotel must have adequate parking space for the guests to park their cars. Insufficient parking would be a big turndown. It can impact the hotel’s reputation and turn away many clients. Any hotel planning to become an eminent one in the locality should allocate sufficient parking space.    

6.     In-house Multi-cuisine Restaurant

An in-house restaurant with a variety of cuisines on the menu would be a prominent attraction. The quality of food and taste also matters. Choose an experienced chef and give the customer excellently prepared food items for them to fix the hotel for stay every time they visit the city.     

7.     Housekeeping

The hygiene of the hotel is of paramount importance. The cleaning and housekeeping staff must be prompt and must have a supervisor to ensure that rooms and common areas are maintained clean. Moreover, daily room cleaning is mandatory.

8.     Conference Room

It would be beneficial if the hotel can facilitate a conference room for the entrepreneurs to convene meetings and discussions. Installation of projector facilities also would be advantageous.

9.   Airport Drop-off

Arrange airport drop-off if the guest seeks. They may be busy with business requirements. Hence, the hotel staff must be proactive and arrange the cab accordingly.

The Conclusion

Hotel amenities, as well as, the hospitality of the staff are vital for attracting business travelers. The staff must understand the busy schedule of the businesspersons and respond to their requests swiftly.  Facilitating mobile check-in might be an additional option that the hotels can look into. It will help in avoiding time delays in the hotel checking in. Having many activities planned for the day, the entrepreneurs may become impatient if the checking in takes too much time.

White Palace understands the packed schedule of entrepreneurs.  We know how invaluable each second is. Our executive staff has been trained to extend unparalleled hospitality and service to our guests. Additionally, we have all the world-class amenities, palatable food items, and a hygienic atmosphere to make the stay memorable.  

Welcome to White Palace. Stay in an excellent ambiance offered by the hotel; make the most of your trip while we take care of your calm and pleasant stay. Contact us now to book a room.

Things To Know About Pooram: The Great Festival of Thrissur

To call Kerala a thriving and culturally enriched community would be an understatement. Where religions and cultures coexist in harmony with each other, where festivals of different faiths find secularity in celebration, Kerala has a few notable festivals adored by all around the world. From Onam to Christmas, Eid to Thrissur Pooram and from Holi to Easter, every cultural festival is a Malayali’s celebration more than a religious one.

Of the lot, one that garners the most popularity would undoubtedly be the famed Thrissur Pooram. World renowned for its fervour, pomp and grandeur, the Thrissur Pooram is celebrated every year during the Malayalam month of Medam at Thrissur district in Kerala. This festival brings the people of Kerala, especially Thrissur, together irrespective of caste, religion, creed or gender to revel in the glory of a beautiful blend of custom, festivity and celebration.

Specialties of Pooram

The history of the Pooram is one that is steeped in divinity and tradition. Started back in the year 1798 by the erstwhile Maharaja of Cochin, Sakthan Thampuran, more popularly known as Rama Varma Kunhjippilla Thampuran, the Pooram’s origin was one of happenstance. When the people of Thrissur were banned from attending the Arattupuzha festival as they could not reach on time due to an untimely storm, it was Sakthan Thampuran who conducted the first ever Thrissur Pooram by unifying the poorams of 10 odd temples situated in and around Thrissur, and the rest as we all know is history!

The Pooram is commemorated over a period of seven days, each day filled with obeisance to the deity and various rites and rituals, along with celebrations and festivity. For these seven days, the streets of Thrissur are filled with the reverberations of percussion, trumpets and bells, with people thronging in abundance in the heart of the city, amidst the Vadakkunnathan Temple, Parammekaavu Temple, Thiruvambadi Krishna Temple and the Swaraj Round. 

Explore its possibilities in Tourism

Seven days of revelry and pomp attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year to the Thrissur Pooram, not just from around the country, but from the whole world as well! Taking the concept of temple tourism to a more profound level, the Pooram has left an indelible mark on the tourism map of Kerala. 

How to reach there:

By Air: You can easily reach Thrissur via flight by landing at the Cochin International Airport, which is just a 50 km drive away, located in the neighbouring district of Ernakulam. The next closest airports would be Kozhikode Airport at 102 km and Coimbatore Airport at 129 km from the destination.

By Train: Thrissur is well connected by rail with the Thrissur railway station being a major point of halt for trains coming from all around India. The railway station also happens to be less than a 2 km walk/drive/auto rickshaw ride from Vadakkunnathan Temple.

By Road: You can also reach the destination by road, through privately owned motor vehicles or public transport, with regular buses plying to and from Thrissur bus stand at all hours of the day. 

Where to stay

Finding a place to stay during the Thrissur Pooram may be a tough job considering the multitudes of tourists arriving in Thrissur during that time. From homestays to hotels and motels to resorts, there are many hospitality options in and around Thrissur for tourists of every budget and capacity. 

However, if you are looking for a three-star stay in a budget friendly and sustainable hotel, then White Palace is the best choice for you. One of the newest entrants to the hotel and hospitality sector in Thrissur, White Palace has already established itself as one of the top eco-friendly business boutique hotels in the State. 

So if you wish to experience the glory of Thrissur Pooram on your next visit to Kerala, you know where to stay! Feel free to contact us.

vadakkumnadan temple thrissur

Top 5 Interesting Things To Do in Thrissur

The cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur, houses several attractions that have been luring domestic and international tourists. One of the few places in the state that still holds to the heritage, it offers a unique flavour and fragrance. We welcome you to this mesmerizing piece of land to immerse yourself in the serene realm of life.

1.     Sakthan Thampuran Palace

This palace with the elegance of heritage is built blending Kerala’s architectural style with Dutch creativity. It had been the seat of Sakthan Thampuran, the ruler of the Cochin dynasty. The visit to the palace would be informative as well as nostalgic.  Sakthan Thampuran palace registers a good number of visitor footprints, which include history enthusiasts. The palace was converted into a museum in early 2000. It is located at Chembukkavu in Thrissur.

2.     Chavakkad Beach

Kerala is caressed by the soothing waves of the Arabian Sea. The land of sun, sand and sea; the visit to the state will be incomplete without a trip to the beach and wetting your feet. The beach is located close to Guruvayur temple, another attraction Thrissur is famous for. Therefore, you can cover both places on a single trip.  Spend an evening at the Chavakkad beach and dip yourself in the soulful sound of the waves. To introspect, revive your thoughts, and explore your inner-self.

3.     Marottichal Waterfalls

Located about 15-20 km away from the city, Marottichal waterfalls has been one of the main attractions. A visit to this calm and green territory will eliminate all your stress and tensions. It will fill your heart with joy and peace. Choose this location, away from the cacophony of the city, to rejuvenate yourself.

4.     Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple

The epitome of Kerala Vastu-style construction, proclaiming the rich heritage of the state, Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple should not be missed. The breathtaking beauty of the murals, intricate carvings, and epic design is beyond words. It also has many historical facts and mythological references associated. The visit to the temple located near Thekkinkad Maidan will remain in your memory for a long time.

5.     Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours

Kerala is one of the brightest examples of unity in diversity. You will find communities living in harmony, as one. The Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours is stated to be the biggest church in the country. Sprawling over a large area, the basilica is a prime example of brilliant medieval architecture.  Spend some beautiful moments of your life in the pure atmosphere of the basilica. Let the serenity around cleanse your heart, to imbibe the beauty of life.

Even though we have highlighted the top 5 things to do or the best 5 places to visit in Thrissur, it is not all. Thrissur offers you a plethora of spots to visit and enjoy your trip to the city. The other attractions in Thrissur include Punnathur Aanakkotta, Guruvayur Temple, Athirapally Waterfalls, Paramekkavu Bhagavathy Temple, Snehatheeram Beach, Kerala Kalamandalam, Zoo, Kerala Museum and so on. The place has so many specialities that will fill your heart with happiness.

The Bottom Line

Kerala has been witnessing an increasing number of tourists every year. The state’s welcoming attitude, the peaceful life and beautiful locales have been the main factors that augmented tourist footfalls. Thrissur remains one of the top opted places by foreign and domestic travellers. The place offers a perfect amalgamation of the beauty of culture and heritage with the amenities of modern life.

Thrissur is well-connected with the other parts of the state and country via rail, road and air. Thrissur railway station is the ideal stop if you are coming by train. The nearest international airport is Cochin International Airport, which is around 50 km from the city. The friendly and warmhearted natives will compel you to return to the city the next time.

Now it is easy to book a peaceful and enjoyable stay at an ideal location in the city. Reach out to us to book a luxury hotel in Thrissur, at the same time, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. We assure you of a great stay and all the supports to make your visit a memorable one.

To book a stay, Contact us now.